The interesting thing about Momentum is that it’s CONTAGIOUS. I have been so impressed with my organization these past few days … it’s hard not to believe this statement. The culture is amazing and watching others cheering on those who are so close to promoting has been inspiring.

I’m sitting on my patio right now, enjoying the weather and contacting customers about a buy one get one deal that ends today! Why am I not sleeping in, reading a good book or already gardening? Because I want to be part of the momentum. I want to be riding this wave today.. it’s exciting, encouraging and down-right amazing!

My Nerium team are a group of people who literally are competitors of each other for every customer, they are still encouraging each other to get those customers… whether it be you, or me or another person not in our organization…. we are all hoping for that sale as a TEAM! Get on it, get busy and benefit from this.. that’s the drumbeat I have heard for the last 3 days.

The surprising thing is that it’s not just about personal growth, it’s about team growth. We are all working to help two of our leaders win a trip to Cancun! We are all doing this… not because we get a piece of the action.. they are the leaders here and I don’t earn on their sales. We are all doing this because we know that one day this will be our time! With the growth of this company it’s about lifting up through the ranks… not about the ranks above us getting ahead. Lift each other up and one day you will be the rung that gets the prize.

Being part of the traditional corporate culture for so long is probably why I am so amazed.  In the corporate world, people take each other’s glory. I see it everyday. I have an idea, share it, someone takes it and runs to a vice president, claims it as their own and they get the credit. Even in team meetings, my ideas are used and rather than complimented by improvements, are taken and re-purposed for someone else’s gain. People benefit not from each other lifting you up.. people benefit because they can put down on paper that they “DID” something. Why is that? We claim we are a team… but that’s not teaming.. that’s the selfish traditional way to get ahead. Climb over those underneath you to reach the prize. Quite frankly, I am done with that… and it has left a bad taste in my mouth!

In Nerium, we not only share ideas freely but we encourage others to reuse it. Everyday we share a photo that shows improvement… no one’s personal email is listed, this photo is posted so that others can share on their websites, social media pages and emails. It’s outright encouraged… we benefit from sharing these photos collectively. I get the benefit of someone else’s posts because the sharing of ideas and “proof” builds the company, builds the product’s reputation and builds the sales numbers!

The sales growth attracts people to our company. We are leapfrogging others in the industry, even non-competitors. That growth leads to interest from others to get in on a piece of that growth! Having doubled in size, Nerium earned the 3rd cover of SUCCESS from HOME Magazine in 3 years. That notoriety will add to more interest and more growth. This is win-win. In the corporate world, more sales growth leads to more hires, not promotions. This is the unique difference in building momentum in a direct sales organization vs. a corporation. My momentum building actions are lost in the shuffle… they die off the vine the next day and/or are topped by someone else’s momentum building actions. Rather than being rewarded for that momentum and allowing it to encourage the momentum of others, the momentum is drowned out by more work, more resources needed and an underlying resentment for not being appreciated for our actions.

Hearing about these sales, encouraging each other, wanting each other to succeed, get promoted and win prizes is helping me become a better salesperson. Momentum is building my business. It’s all about Teamwork, taking advantage of a small group of people doing little things to achieve big goals. By building each other up, we are all winning! That’s the benefit of this business.. there is no “I”.. it is all, 100% about team. These amazing people are already making me win! I can’t wait for Momentous May 2015!


What a great problem to have…

I have a problem… it’s a great problem to have… the results people have had with NeriumFirm has created a flurry of activity online.  I can’t keep up with the pictures, testimonials, comments, likes and postings.  I would love to share all of these amazing results with all of you, but I can’t keep up.  

Every day there are 4, 5, 9 postings of REAL results with NeriumFirm.  We knew this product was going to be well received in the marketplace, but I never imagined this type of response.  The testimonials are heart warming.  People are emotional about their results!  The picture below tells one woman’s story of success and the ability to put off an expensive surgery to get rid of unwanted extra skin caused by an amazing weight loss success story:




She isn’t proud to share this but brave enough to do so.. and why, because the results are really that amazing.  In less than 30 days this product changed her life, gave her power over her own body and the ability to save money that could certainly be put to use elsewhere.  

As stories/pictures come in of these amazing results, I am happy and proud to share with you.  I try to post as many as possible… why? because these stories deserve to be shared.  This is a product success story, a personal success story and a story that proves that this business is the right choice for me… no gimmicks, no scams, real results from real people.  We don’t need an infomercial or retail store to sell these products.. the products sell themselves.  That is a GREAT problem to have!!! 

Stay tuned for more results!!! We still get pictures of the NeriumAD success stories as well… I just can’t post enough to do all of these stories justice!!  NeriumAD for the chest/neck and above, NeriumFirm for chest and below!! 

It just keeps getting better!


Our amazing results get better over time! Not bad for product you can get for free with just 3 referrals! Find out more, ask me how, and by this time next year, you’ll be sharing your results! Why not let your youthful glow be your greatest accessory!

Customer service with a smile… and no selling!



After starting this business I definitely see that there is an art to customer service without being pushy.  I have been so enthusiastic about this product (hard not to be over the moon with Nerium International and our amazing products) that I have been sharing like crazy in every personal and professional venue possible.  It’s hard to keep my mouth shut when the product has given me these amazing results AND the company has knocked my socks off.  I feel as though the stars are aligning and I am right in the path of a firestorm of success. And you know what…. I can’t wait!!


I know that when I talk about Nerium I get excited.  I am enthusiastic.  I am not trying to meet a sales quota or find as many customers as I possibly can in a month.  I am in a business for what I believe are valid reasons: three kids, one going to college and an income that is generated by only one person in the household.. and I currently have no control over when/where I will get a promotion or salary increase.   I sought another means of income.   This is an option for me to make my own hours, be an advocate for feeling good about yourself, defying aging AND earn extra income.. and potentially a free car payment!   I want to be able to benefit directly through my hard work and I am seeing this vision come true with Nerium.  I can’t help but be excited!  It is exciting… just like a new baby, puppy, wedding, graduation, etc… some things in life are just exciting!!


Nerium International has given me the tools I need to be successful… and the product I have fallen in love with… and given me results I haven’t found in other anti-aging creams, gadgets and treatments.  They are a fabulous company that believes in science, and products that are patented so they continue to allow me to earn, they believe in families, teamwork, happiness and giving back to their brand partners!


I had a meeting today with a friend of mine who asked about the product.  Enter the fear of being a pushy salesman… I do not want to sell…. I don’t ever want the person on the other end of the conversation to feel they are being “sold” to.  This is about me sharing… not selling.  I don’t want to be that person you cross the street to avoid because I may ask you if you want to purchase.  Sure, I want you to purchase it,  but not for me… for YOU!  I also want you to go to DisneyWorld, use PURELL, listen to Rob Thomas and Maroon 5, join the Winking Lizard Beer Tour, try the sushi at Kasai, the lemon risotto at Hoppin’ Frog, the wings at LagerHeads and guacamole at Momocho in Cleveland.  I LOVE all of those things and want to share them with you.  I do share them with you … when I talk, I share! Those things I do not make any money on.. none, but I still share them with you.


I want to succeed at this business.. and I know I will.  I will not feel successful if I ever pressured a single person to buy this… that is not who I am and that is not why I joined this company and this direct sales industry.    So I am building the business on “NON-SALES” customer service.  I will be here for each and every question you have… I will help you with your product orders, I will offer you multiple opportunities to try this product for 30 days and if not absolutely happy with the results, please send it back.  I don’t want you to buy something you don’t want… that is something I never would want.. and I certainly don’t want you to ever resent me for buying this product.  I want to share this with you because I truly believe that it’s a powerful product.   This is the relationship I want to have with my customers… a relationship built on giving them what they want, when they want it, and never ever pressuring for a sale.  A customer relationship without the “sell”.


I will share and continue to share what I think is great about this product and this company… why shouldn’t I?? My social media profiles are me…  a reflection of me, my wants, needs, thoughts, dreams loves, “likes” and beliefs.  This is what I believe in!  I love this product, I love this company, I believe in this product, I believe in this company… and I’m sorry if I sound like a broken record.   I need to make an income… why not do it selling something I love?  Heck, If I could be the manager of Maroon 5 I would be doing that… but I don’t know the first thing about that, nor would I expect they would hire me.  But I guarantee that if I was I would be promoting their music on my page non-stop!


So if you have messaged me about Nerium, I have replied…I will always reply. I will answer any question you, give you the details about the product, show you examples/proof of the clinical data, photos, and my honest opinion about my experience with Nerium.  I will NEVER pressure you to buy.   I will give you the tools to make a decision.  I may lose sales that I could’ve had because I didn’t ask you more than twice… but I will keep sharing.  I hope you buy this product.. for you!  In my opinion you have nothing to lose, there is a 30 money back guarantee.  Buy it, try it and if you don’t like it, send it back!


I will give you exceptional customer service… I will do whatever I can to keep you happy, inform you of promotions, give you information about the company and the happiness movement.  I will hope you try this product, that you see the results and want those for yourself.  But I will not “sell”.  That is not my idea of the perfect salesman.  Customer service.. and no selling!  And hopefully in that process you will appreciate MY approach: Sharing.  Sharing is what I do best.. and I will continue to SHARE with a smile!


Contact me if you want information… because I would love to SHARE this product with you!

What is Network Marketing??

Network Marketing?  What is it?

There is a great article at discussing the difference between Direct Sales and Network Marketing.   I’ve referenced it below so you can read it.  In summary, the article explains that both methods offer a means to get the product to marketing without a customer buying from a retail location or distributor.  The product is sold directly through sales persons directly to the consumer.


 The benefit of this process is the message about the product is relayed direct from seller to consumer.  In my opinion,  Network Marketing offers even more benefit.  The people you are selling to already know you, or know a friend of a friend of a friend.  Your relationship with the consumer makes the message more compelling. I often think of that commercial from way back “you tell two friends, they tell two friends and they tell two friends and so on and so on and so on”.    I love the fact that a product that gives real results quickly become the topic of conversation.  Sharing information with others which leads to the sale of these amazing products.  It’s a company and product and sales synergy that creates the benefit to customers and brand partners. 


With Nerium International and our fabulous products, the sale isn’t about selling, it’s about sharing.  We share pictures that people gladly give us access to, stories of life changing circumstances, pictures of the rewards given by the company to not just top performers but brand partners just starting out.  I love that there is always something to share; whether it’s a new photo, a new brand partner joining our team, a trip to the Billboard Music Awards or just a happy customer sharing their love for the product.    I never feel like I am selling, I am telling a story, sharing my experiences with a product.  I have done this so many times through referrals and never had the opportunity to benefit from these referrals until now. 


 I couldn’t be happier with my decision to become a brand partner with Nerium International.  It’s too bad that Network Marketing often gets a bad reputation.  This company is different, our products are real, our science is real and most of all this opportunity is real.  This is not a multi-level pyramid scheme but a tested proven method of selling.  It’s about building relationships with people and offering products that they love and allows them to better their current situation.    This company is about Relationship Marketing, building a company based on customer retention and satisfaction.    My story, experience and exposure with Nerium is REAL… I am not pushing products just to earn the next level, or get others on my team. In fact, I feel like I am doing the exact opposite.  Sure I may run a “promotion” from time to time to encourage exposure, but I don’t feel like I have to push.  I don’t search for hostesses to expose this to their friends either… no inventory to buy which means that my upline doesn’t make money by asking me to buy more.  This is merely about the product and sharing my experiences… do we make money?  Yes, of course we do… and it’s very lucrative.  But it doesn’t feel like sales.


That’s why this company is so great… the products really DO make a difference in your life.  And each brand partner has the opportunity to earn a living while helping others.  Build a team and help individuals achieve their own desired personal success.  A company that not only believes in personal development but gives you access to a library of resources to do just that.  A company whose CEO has started the Live Happy movement and encourages each and every person connected to the Nerium brand to find happiness, live happy and share that happiness with others.  20 years from now, I hope to still be writing this blog… who knows, by then it will just be auto written from mental telepathy, lol.  In any case I honestly believe that this company will be on the map, bigger, brighter than ever and still growing.  We will be spreading the science behind the Nerium products and the Live Happy messages… we will be better for having been part of the Network Marketing industry… and the world will be a better place because of Network Marketers. 


 If you want to be part of this company, there is no better time than right now… we are ground floor in so many ways.   Our product catalog has only 3 products but over 200 Million in sales…. Why not get in on the 21st century gold rush?  Not just to make gold, but because you can believe in the fact that the gold is there.    This is the real deal!  Network Marketing at its best… word of mouth referrals where everyone truly wins!


Join Nerium  and Click on Become a Brand Partner

Article from Entrepreneur

My personal results after 65 days!


Why did I not do this sooner?

Investing in my own abilities is something I never knew I needed to do… go to college.. get a job… do right by others and the world will rise up and greet you.

No one told me that a bachelor’s degree wouldn’t mean anything in 30 years;  That your value in the corporate world is dependent on how well you can relay information that you heard someone say 10 minutes earlier in another meeting… not your own ability to connect ideas and work with others; No one told me that the better you can sell… sell anything including yourself and your own ideals would really be the key to success. 

I have seen smart people fall behind because they lack political skill… idiotic people get ahead because they have the ability to craft compelling power point with images that sell the idea. The corporate world is mostly a world where you get ahead not by sucking up but by dazzling others with bullshit.

Why must the hard working be limited by those who can cause a buzz…The buzzy get credit and the worker bees continue building the hive.

Enter Relationship marketing … The foundation of sharing great products with people who can benefit and you make money while doing it … A product that works.. that can’t be replicated anytime in the near and not so near future … and the profits are shared equitably … that’s the difference here … it doesn’t matter how much your boss can always make more than your boss.. heck, you can make more than your bosses boss… it’s equitable based on your own merit.. what you make is based on what you do.

Even better is the fact that if you help someone else become better.. you make more automatically… no need to take their ideas and share them as your own.. Their success means more cash in your wallet… and if they leapfrog you…you both win.

Equity unlike any think I have seen in the corporate world… If I hit the rank to achieve a trip… I win the trip .. my leadership may not make it… hopefully they do because hopefully they are doing better than me and sharing their means to success .. but if not it doesn’t impact me in the slightest. Equitable … merit based rewards … without limits…

How on earth can one not succeed in this business?? And why did it take me so lo g to figure this out ?